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OUR ACTIVITIES - 2006-2007


MOTHER FOUNDATION conducted health awareness sessions for women in rural area. The resource persons delivered talks on the following matters.
Women continue to face disadvantages such as restrictions following menarche, no freedom in decision-making with respect to marriage, childbearing, the abuse of domestic violence, exertion of male authority and control especially over sexuality, the problems associated with dowry, etc. Women from the scheduled castes suffer these disadvantages doubly.
97 percent of adolescent girls have any anaemia. Twenty-nine percent of them are mildly anaemic, 50 percent are moderately anaemic and 18 percent are having severe anaemia. It has been found from the survey results that except severe anaemia the percentage of girls in all othe categories of anaemia diminishes marginally with the increase in age from 10-14 to 15-19 years. The incidence of any anaemia is higher (97 percent) among adolescent g…

About Us

MOTHER FOUNDATION has a vision of creating a hospital in Tamil Nadu where the poor could receive free advanced medical care, especially mental health care, in an atmosphere of love and compassion. The poor do receive basic medical care through various charitable clinics, but advanced care is beyond their dreams. MOTHER FOUNDATION will work through to create a highly sophisticated, 200–bed and teaching hospital. MOTHER FOUNDATION exemplifies the use of science and technology to maximize health service for the poor, offering medical care in mental health and other specialities.

At this point of time NIMHANS-Bangalore is the only major psychiatry centre in India that practices and trains formal systemic family therapy. MOTHER FOUNDATION is embarking on the path to reach that level, excel and surpass as a private held Academy –par-excellence in India. The broad vision of MOTHER FOUNDATION is:
• To promote, through academic and professional endeavors, growth and development of mental health…



* Arrange seminars on family planning, environment and all other social service topics.
* Social service for rural development, women’s development, poor children’s education, taking the orphaned kids to picnics and old-age people care.
* Conduct free medical camps, blood donation camps and cleaning camps.
* Assistance for others social event fund raising program like donation collections, old books, old dresses, old computers, etc.
* Organize awareness rally programmes on AIDS, road safety, eye donation & pollutions.
* Comprehensive Vocational Training Programmes and career guidance.
* We always ready to respond to the crisis situations and undertake the relief work where ever needed.
* Helps street children who have no other form of support.
* Conduct school and college competitions in GK, arts and sports to develop student’s knowledge and creativity.
* Organize self-help groups for men and women.
* Help poor women’s marriage.
* Prov…